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sample proofreading tests

Sample Proofreading Test Please mark and correct the errors in the sample memo below. _____ MEMO DATE: July 14 TO: Stephen Randall, General manager FROM: Leanne Ritter, Human Resource Manager SUBJECT: Report on Payroll Screw Up As you know, a new human resource information system (HRIS) was implemented during June. Test yourself. Page owner: Standards director Anyone can be a proofreader, can't they? How hard can it be? All they do is find typos, don't they? See for yourself! "Listed below are our easy-to-use, question, online, practice tests. To answer a question, simply click on the correct response. When you have answered all questions, click on the "Grade Me" button.

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Some say proofreading is easy, but it sample proofreading tests more than finding misspelled words and detecting punctuation errors, sample proofreading tests.

Professional sample proofreading tests involves checking for correct grammar and word usage too. The following short story is typical of those we proofread and edit at Web Done Write.

Try your hand at proofreading to see how many errors you can spot. There are ten sentences; you will see one sentence at a time. Count the typos in each sentence, then enter the number you find.

John desparately wanted to develop a authoratative jazz website, and the task did not phase him. Jennifer was a classically-trained singer who had had a succesful career, before damaging her vocal chords. Her musical interests complimented Johns, so the partnership seamed a natural fit.

Jennifer prooved too be a real trooper, compleating tasks in a lightening-fast manner without him asking her, and John soon gave her free reign. An acomplished proofreader, Jennifer corrected even miniscule mistakes, sample proofreading tests, and before long the cite had far less grammatical errors. As much as they would like to, alot of similar sites just can not compete.

Some say John and Jenifer got there just deserts.


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sample proofreading tests


When my office hires at the entry level, there’s a proofreading and copyediting test, and for various reasons we give the test in person and on paper: It levels the playing field by eliminating access to e-mail and online sources. It shows us how a person will mark up copy on the job (a frequent chore for the new kid). It isolates proofing and editing skills from word-processing skills. Printable Grammar, Proofreading and Math Tests. LoveToKnow has created three free printable clerical skill assessments for you to download and use. Simply click the images below and download the printable clerical tests to use for practice - or to administer to applicants you are considering Mary White. These proofreading exercises are designed to realistically simulate the kind of proofreading work you’re likely to encounter in the real world. Many proofreading courses provide you with exercises that are utterly crammed with errors, but you are unlikely to come across this kind of thing in a professional environment.